About Join Tutors

1. Who are Join Tutors?

Join Tutors is an online learning platform through which tutors and learners share and exchange ideas and knowledge. Join Tutors covers a variety of professions and academic subjects that are delivered by highly trained and specialized professional tutors.Some of the subjects that we cover include Mathematics, History, Languages, Chemistry, Economics, Accounting, Marketing, Data Analysis, Graphic Design, Physics, and Drawing, just to mention a few.Join Tutors is a place where an online tutor helps a learner on a one-on-one basis through a real time platform delivered by high technology. Join Tutors links a learner with an able tutor.Join Tutors enable online classes to be effective and comfortable for both the tutor and the learner and provides benefits or recording sessions, downloading, chats among other features making the atmosphere almost similar to that of actual classroom.

2. How does Join Tutors work?

Tutors are classified by their different areas of specialization and knowledge.  The learners choose their preferred tutors based on the tutors’ profiles which usually contain the tutor’s area of preference, academic achievements, experience and skills.The learners then select their favorable time schedules based on the tutor’s availability.After choosing the schedule, if there is cost associated with the program, the learner has to make payments through our secure payment platform. After successful scheduling and paying for the sessions, a confirmation email is sent to both the tutor and the learner and the session becomes available on both the tutor’s and leaner’s profile.Mostly, few minutes before the scheduled start time for the session, your session would become active indicating that can join and start the session with your tutor.Join Tutors avails various tools that make your online experience lively and engaging whilst enabling you to record the session.

3. Who can register with Join Tutors?

Join Tutors welcomes any interested learner to register and study his subject of choice. Similarly, tutors who meet specific set requirements can also register to as tutors. Join Tutors is an open institution that seeks to recruit and attract a pool of qualified professionals for its numerous students.

4. How do I register for classes?

At the top bar of jointutors.com, there is a registration button which can be used to take you to a page where you can then select “register as a student” free of charge. Fill your details on the form to register and confirm your email to access your account. After that easy and short process, you are ready to schedule and pay for your classes.

5. How do I register as a tutor?

At the top bar of jointutors.com, there is a registration button which can be used to register as a tutor. The button will take you to next stage where you will select “register as a tutor” button, fill your personal details, contact details, your skills and qualifications on the form to register for free. Then confirm your email to access your account. After that easy and short process, you will have made a successful application.We will then look at your case within the shortest time possible (mostly within 48-72 hrs) and send you approval or regret mail. The process is usually meant to ensure that we engage only the best tutors for our students.

6. How can I pay for classes?

We have various secure means of making payments including Skrill, PayPal, credit cards, and bitcoins among other approved payment methods in the country.  All credit card payments are processed through an independent secure third party processor.

7. Why do you need my personal information?

Information provided by our tutors and learners is exclusively used by our team in effort to provide the best services, for identification and reference purposes.  For more information on the use of provided information check our privacy policy.

Technical requirements

1. What are the conditions necessary for optimal Join Tutor’s experience?

  • A computer or device with internet access
  • A webcam or video input device
  • A microphone or audio input device
  • Speakers or audio output devices
  • Web browser and internet connection

Jointutors.com is compatible with both desktop and mobile devices and can be opened through Chrome, Mozilla, Safari and Opera browsers among many others.

2. Is screen sharing possible during sessions?

Yes it is possible to share your screen during sessions as long as you follow the instruction provided.

Getting Started

1. Why should I use Join Tutors?

We connect students and tutors through high quality platforms and secure environment powered by high technology.  We ensure that students improve their academic performance, obtain good grades and hand in their homework on time. In addition we have highly qualified and professional tutors apart from our services being available 24/7.

2. Can you have my work finished within 24 hrs?

Yes and no. This is dependent on the availability of tutors and in ensuring top quality of the work, we may require longer period of time.  However, you can submit your work anytime.

3. Can you do my exam/quiz/test?

We do not do exams and test for learners but we help them prepare for such tests through revisions of past exams or tests and in giving important examination and test taking techniques.

4. What makes you different from other online tutors?

We as Join Tutors pride in what we do. Our recruiting process for tutors is usually strict and rigorous to ensure the best tutoring service on the internet. Our pricing is transparent with no extra fees apart from the billing on sessions. We use higher technology to deliver our classes, and our services are available from all over the world and are compatible with many digital devices.

5. I cannot see my question in this forum?

If your question isn’t listed here, kindly write to us at support@jointutors.com.


1. Can video call fail?

Yes at times it can fail on first trials or hang thereafter. What we recommend you do when this happens is to restart the browser. However the problem persists, contact us and we will help you within the shortest time possible.

2. How do I choose my tutor?

Follow the following methods to select your preferred tutor.

  • Enter your area or topic of interest in the search bar and look at populated results to select your tutor.
  • There is an option of “learn” which when clicked will populate different areas offered by Join tutors from which you can choose.
  • You can directly write to use and we will help you with selecting the right topic.

3. How do I schedule for sessions?

Access the tutors profile and select “sessions” then choose “scheduling” which will show you the tutor’s available time from which you can select. Then select subject and include a note if necessary about your subject of interest.You must proceed and pay as per the indicated cost through our secure payment platform. On paying, a confirmation email will be sent to you and the tutor.Under “sessions” tab in your account, you can find the session so scheduled.

4. Can I schedule from my tablet or Smartphone?

Yes you can.Simply access the website jointutors.com and log on or create an account. Then access the tutor’s profiles and select your preferred tutor. Select subject and go to session on the tutor to select the timings according to availability. Once you choose the time, write some note to the tutor about your chosen subject.Proceed and pay as per the indicated costs through our secure payment platforms. On paying, a confirmation email will be sent to you and the tutor.In your sessions tab, the scheduled event with the tutor will be visible. The sessions become activated few minutes before the scheduled time to allow you join the virtual classroom.

5. How can I gauge the tutor’s qualification?

As Join Tutors, a global leader in online tutoring, we recommend choosing tutors who have high grades, good references and reviews from their learners.With our money back guarantee incase of dissatisfactory work, you can rest assured that our services will be satisfactory otherwise we will refund your money. All you will be required to do is give us feedback on the tutor and detail your experience with the tutor through email.

My Account

1. How can I change my login email?

  • Go to settings on your account.
  • Choose “Contact details - email – edit”.
  • Input your new email and save.
  • Confirm the email by logging in to your account through the link sent to your new email.

2. How can I change my username?

You cannot change your user name. However if need be, get in touch with our customer support and they will help you.

3. How do I change my password?

  • a. Go to “settings” in your account then to “security – password”.
  • b. Click on change password and input your old password followed by new one twice. If you don’t remember your old password, use the security questions option.
  • c.  Then follow link sent o your email to re-login and make the changes effective.

4. How do I deactivate my account?

  • Go to “My settings” on your account then to “security - activate/deactivate”.
  • Input your password and save.

5. How can I reset my forgotten password?

Forgot passwords can be reset through “forgot password” at the login. Input your email and a link will be sent to your email that you would then use to reset your password. After resetting it, you will be required to re-login with new password.

6. Why do you charge for your services?

We provide premium online learning services and we engage professional tutors and other experts to ensure your online learning experience is excellent. Your payment compensates for tutors time, skills and expertise.

7. How much do I need to pay?

The costs are based on the total time of spent on live sessions or on the type of assignment submitted to Join Tutors. We do not have any other charges or fees though these fees vary dependant on the subject and area of interest. You are made aware of the cost upfront and how they are arrived at before you make payments.

8. Are your prices flexible?

Tutors provide quotations that can at times be negotiated. We endeavor to provide the fairest pricing for our learners. However, if the quote isn’t within your budget you can contact your tutor and try to work out how to meet the difference. Our homework services are fixed and non-negotiable. These services offer students with help in their homework and assignments at affordable fixed costs.

9. Do you offer any free services?

We do not have free trials but we have a money back guarantee in cases of unsatisfactory services.

10. What happens if my tutor is unable to help me?

In cases of heavy workloads or inability to assist, the tutor can immediately transfer you to another tutor or distribute your request to other tutors who then can help you.