Welcome to Join Tutors (the "Company", "us"). It’s our pleasure to provide you with access to the Service (as defined below), subject to these terms and conditions (the "Terms of Service") and the corresponding Privacy Policy of Join Tutors.

The use and access of services, websites/Apps and any other property of Join Tutors is governed by the Terms and Conditions outlined here. This implies that, by the virtue of using our services, applications and accessing Join Tutors’ websites, you are agreeing to these terms and conditions. If you do not agree to these terms and conditions, kindly do not use our services.

Be informed that some specific areas of services may contain additional or stand alone conditions. In such scenarios that the general terms and conditions conflict those of specific areas of the Service, the general terms and conditions shall prevail.


- "CONTENT" refers to the text, images, music, software, audios, videos, information or other materials collected and used by Join Tutors.
- "USERS or CUSTOMERS" are people who visit our sites and use our services. We have categorized them into two types.
• "Tutors": these are the teachers who offer online lessons and are the ones that create content and determine the prices of the lessons.
• "Students": these are the users who book and take lessons from the tutors at Join Tutors.
- "LESSONS": these are the class sessions created by tutors and students through which students learn.
-"TAXES": refers to any taxes (whether of the state or not) that may arise from using our services and applications.
- "SOFTWARE": this refers to all that is available in or through our website either downloadable or not.  
- "USER CONTENT (UC)": any content that pertains to users of Join Tutors including registration information, uploaded documents, conversations, videos, images etc.
-"VIRTUAL Classroom": this is the platform through which students and tutors hold their lessons. Users and tutors have access to many features that make learning experiences in such virtual classroom excellent. However, in free courses, students may not have access to all the available features.


Join Tutors’ Service provides students with an opportunity to find their subject of interest, search for appropriately qualified tutors of that subject and schedule lessons. It also provides students with a chance to post their homework to specific tutors for help.

Included also is the online payment capabilities, video making and recording, downloading of documents/ sessions and evaluations and tutors.
The lessons offered are streamed live by Join Tutors with an option of recording for later references by either the tutor or student.


These terms and conditions are subject to amendment, updating, and or change from time to time as it may be deemed necessary. In such scenarios, you agree that the changes so made will also be mandatory and will be effective within 14 calendar days from the date of publication. Thereafter, the use of the Service will then be guided by the new terms and conditions.

You need to keep revising the available versions of the General Terms and Conditions available on jointutors.com so that you can be updated and knowledgeable of any changes that may affect your use of the Service.


Join tutors’ software and download materials are protected by copyrights and intellectual property rights. You may only use, modify or alter, transfer, or download the software upon receiving express consent from Join Tutors. The subsequent use of downloaded software must be guided by the terms and conditions of Service and instructions provided therein.
Join Tutors content is protected by copyright, trademarks and other property rights applicable in the country. Join Tutors owns and reserves the sole right to the copyrights and trademarks pertaining to Join Tutors, its affiliates, subsidiaries and any other authorized third party users.

Modification, copying, re-publishing, reproducing, uploading, distribution and use of any material of this Service, including text, video, graphics, can only be done with prior written consent of Join Tutors Inc.

All actions of colleting, copying and retrieval of Join Tutors data and information must be carried out in accordance with Join Tutors Terms and conditions of use.

Join tutors permits printing and downloading specific materials for non-commercial personal use only as long as you do not do any modification or elimination of the copyright of such materials.

Any risk that may arise from unauthorized downloading and using of Join Tutors’ software will be borne by the user.


Join Tutors requires usage of its Website, App and Materials to be in accordance with these Terms and Conditions (including any subsequent modifications), the United States of America law and other generally accepted best practices that guide usage of the internet and public decorum.

Usage of Join Tutors’ materials and information without permission may infringe intellectual and or industrial property law or other applicable laws. If such infringement occurs, then Join Tutors may take any appropriate legal action against you.

If in your won wisdom you add images, files, documents, graphics, videos, or any other type of file to Join Tutors, you will be responsible of any damages or legal action if such files are protected by copyright. It is therefore prudent to use only such files that are free for reuse.

If you voluntarily enter or publish any data into Join Tutors, Join Tutors will not assure you of the confidentiality of such data and you will be held responsible of any consequences that may arise from the usage of such data.

You must ensure that you own the absolute rights, licenses, appropriate consents and authorizations needed for any of the data you enter into Join Tutors and that such data can be modified, and distributed by electronic media especially the Internet and e-mail to the general public and that you authorize Join Tutors to use the entered information in accordance to these terms and conditions.

Join tutors terms and conditions of service have stipulated regulations that govern any work or material inserted into its website. It does not allow any such practice of inserting foreign content and work into its site and you must agree to abide by this regulation.

Any such illegal materials and contents entered into the site that do not comply with Join Tutors’ regulations, will be removed.

The user agrees not to enter any material that can hamper the operations of the sites and decrease the quality of Join Tutors’ services. The prohibited material include:-

-  that are considered illegal by authorities, community or other institutions/laws.
-  that infringe on the rights of the general population more specifically minors and the disadvantaged.

You grant us express permission and right to use any material or information, past, current or being developed that has been given to Join Tutors by you. We will also require your permission before we can use your name.

You agree that you will not take any legal action against Join Tutors in cases of actual or claimed infringement of any copyrighted material that may be produced on the site by other users. But you may communicate to us if you own the intellectual/industrial property rights of such materials and we may take appropriate action without prejudice to the rights of alleged infringer.

Beware that Join Tutors does not bear responsibility of confirming the ownership of devices used to access its sites and it reserves the right not to remove any such copyrights unless compelled by a competent body to do so.


In order to access required features of Join Tutors’ site like scheduling lessons, payments, etc, you may be required to register and create an account.

There are two ways by which you can register:

-  By visiting jointutors.com and registering directly from the site.
-  By use of social media platform (SNP), as detailed below.
* Linking your Join Tutors’ account to a social network account and allowing Join Tutors to access information on that site
* Allowing Join Tutors to access your social network account under the terms and conditions applicable to such social networks. In this case, you allow disclosure of your information in these sites to Join Tutors and allow Join Tutors to access and use such information but within the applicable terms and conditions and without Join Tutors paying for any quotation.

You must know that your established relationships with such third parties (social media) are governed by your agreement with each of them. Join Tutors  will not undertake any review of the content of the social network platform to determine its accuracy and legality hence shall not be held accountable for any content so obtained.

Subsequently we will create your join tutors account based on the details obtained from such social sites. In this light, you agree to provide accurate, relevant, and complete information during your registration and endeavor updating the same information whenever necessary.

You also agree to have only one active Join Tutors account at a time. Any contravention of this policy would lead to suspension or deletion of your account. If information provided during registration or afterwards is found to be incomplete, false or outdated, join tutors has a right to delete your account or suspend it.

You must abide by the following terms in your use of Join Tutors services and in any account you create:-

1. You must have attained the required legal age to access and use our services;
2. Use real identity that corresponds to you as the account holder. Aliases or any other names are not allowed
3. Provide all details and information as required during the registration process i.e. names, addresses, tel no. etc.
4. The security of your account and password is your sole responsibility. If any losses or dames occur due to infringement of this policy, Join Tutors will not be held liable. Join Tutors will not under any circumstance share your password with any other party and in case you suspect any breach of your account’s security, please contact us immediately.
5. Use of join tutors service must be within the confines of the law and you must not use the services to infringe on other people’s rights.

You agree that you have to use username or phrases that are acceptable and within the provisions of the law and best practices.

In cases you may need to close, deactivate, delete your account, and kindly writes to us through email support@Jointutors.com.

Behavior in the service:

The right to deny service or discontinue the service in part or whole of any person rests with join tutors and may be excised without any notice.

You agree to be responsible for any content you may communicate through our service.
You also agree to only deal with contents and information that may not infringe the rights of any party and that are acceptable by the law.

You may not do any of the following:-

•  Carry out unsolicited advertising, e.g. unwanted e-mail or gambling.
•  Use computer viruses that may hamper the operations of the services, risk user’s information or affect other users’ experiences.
•  Interrupt, interfere, and replicate any of our sites, services or materials.
•  Create or maintain more than one Join Tutors account.
•  Establish communication with tutor or student for other purposes other than to schedule lessons.
•  Act like an agent to scout for members and recruit them to Join Tutors’ competitors.
•  Not complete you profile and registration with truthful details.
•  Use Join Tutors’ service or sites to spy on tutors or with intention to establish communication with tutors or students outside of Join Tutors’ platform.
•  Try to steal information from our sites like intercepting users information, etc

Join Tutors reserves the right to denounce and rebuke any of the vices described and work with authorities to ensure that legal actions are taken. If Join Tutors considers that your content may adversely affect the conditions or damage its sites or Service, will exercise its right and disable access or remove any content that poses such threat.

You agree that you will not use your account with Join Tutors in any unauthorized way, interfere with the use of Service by other users, steal or gain illegal access to other users’ accounts.

You also acknowledge that we may terminate your service without notice in event of any violation of the stipulated regulations.


We will not be able to monitor and enforce adherence to all agreements between the tutors and students in virtual classrooms setup. The content, accuracy and legality of the materials provided are the discretion of the tutor.  On this note, you agree to exonerate Join Tutors and its associates from any responsibility within the limits of the law.

STUDENTS: Other Rules

1. You must attend lessons as scheduled. Join Tutors will not be responsible for any rescheduling made by tutors.
2. You must respect and conduct yourself appropriately and in regard to the acceptable and set standards while having lessons.
3. You will not copy materials or techniques and use them elsewhere other than for your own academic enrichment.

TUTORS: Other Rules

A live profile and services in Join Tutors implies:

-  that you take responsibility for developing any materials and content of the service offered.
-  that you allow Join Tutors to make your profile public for every interested eye to see
-  that students will enroll for your lessons on the terms stipulated in jointutors.com
-  that you will not discriminate students on any basis.
-  that you are qualified and possess necessary skills indicated in your profile and that you will act professionally and respect Join Tutors’ code of conduct and ethics.
-  that any information concerning students must be used for the purpose of offering lessons and not in any other way unless consent is given by student.
-   that students can comment and evaluate your delivery methods and you may not interfere with such an assessment.


Ideally the tutor will indicate the price for each lesson and a variable may be added to accommodate taxes and commissions of the affiliate links. This pricing will be explained clearly to the student to ensure no confusion arises.

All payments will be made to Join Tutors and they can be made via credit card, PayPal, money bookers, bitcoins and through any other applicable payment in the country.
 For those using credit card modes of payment, you can save the information so that you can avoid inputting the same details whenever you make payments. We assure you of the safety of your credit card information and transactions as we use secure and independent external electronic payment processors.

Once you have made necessary payments, you will receive confirmation in your registered email.

Join Tutors receives all payments for the lessons from the student on behalf of the tutor. The tutor gets his payments once application fees and any other charges that may be associated with the mode of payment used are deducted.


Student may request for a full recompense.

1. If the tutor declines to communicate and carryout the lesson.
2. Not more than 7 days after check-in, and about 48 hours before the start of the lesson (only available to tutors who accept the free cancellation program).
3. In case of student’s unavailability, the tutor can decide to offer the student refund of the payment, but the tutor is not obligated to do so.
4. Unsatisfactory delivery of the lesson does not warranty refund. Student can resolve the issue with the tutor or contact Join Tutors to help solve the problem.

We are not liable for claims that may be made with respect to cancellations or refunds made and any errors in the same as we only mediate between students and tutors.


You are able to access links to other sites through third parties. However, Join Tutors is not accountable for the availability and framework of such sites.


It is in agreement that Join Tutors will use "cookies"(files created by the user's browser to register activity) to facilitate the use of the site. The user can remove or block cookies, without prejudice if you notice that it may affect your ability to use the site.


Join Tutors repudiate any form of liability that may be produced, for example, actions or omissions in the premises, lesson, quality and content, or opinions of tutors.

These services can be used to make profitable transactions with other users but at your own risk. Any assurance offered by the site will be exclusively done by the third party only.

We do not assume any responsibility for the impediment, removal, illegal delivery, or failure to record communications with users or personal configurations.

Join Tutors will not be answerable for any member or premises, nor confirm the veracity of the information seized, in cases of dispute.

Any user who enters any content that violates any applicable national or international law will be liable for damages and losses arising from said violation, Join Tutors will assume no responsibility for such, and will make no warranty or liability for damages of any kind at all arising out of the access or use of materials or the website.


You are in agreement that, in the event of violation of conditions or any other document of Join Tutors and its agents, users will be held accountable.


Join Tutors informs you that it will treat your personal data in regard to the conditions expressed by the Privacy Policy and in conjunction with the terms and conditions stated herein.


For our privacy policy, terms of service or any other operational standard, policy or procedure may be translated and posted on the site in various languages. However, the English version will prevail in the event of conflict.
Join Tutors’ websites, services and materials are meant to run and accessed indefinitely into the future.


The outlined Terms and Conditions including any other documents pertaining Join Tutors shall be subject to the United States of America Laws. In case of any conflict, the capable law courts will be those under the jurisdiction of USA.

The entire agreement between you and Join Tutors is governed by these Terms and conditions together with the privacy policy and other governing documents as drafted by Join Tutors Inc.

Nullification of any or part of Join Tutors documents by any competent court may not affect other provisions.

In rare cases Join tutors may not fully comply with all provisions detailed in this document. Whenever such scenarios arise, it shouldn’t be assumed that the document has been modified as Join tutors without any notice may transfer the rights and obligations pertaining to such provisions to a third party.


Most of the correspondence between you and Join tutors will be carried out electronically and must be treated and assumed to be carrying same weight and equivalency as written communication to the extent they are allowed by law.