Get Tutor in easy Steps.

Join Tutors avails various tools that make your online experience lively and engaging whilst enabling you to record the session. Join Tutors is a place where an online tutor helps a learner on a one-on-one basis through a real time platform delivered by high technology. Here’s how it works:

Signup with Join Tutors

Join Tutors welcomes any interested learner to register and study his subject of choice. Join Tutors is an open institution that seeks to recruit and attract a pool of qualified professionals for its numerous students. Signup with Join Tutors and create your own Dashboard. fill up all the required information.

Upgrade to our Plan

For using the service uninterruptedly, upgrade to our plan and access the tutoring services.The costs are based on the total time of spent on live sessions or on the type of assignment submitted to Join Tutors. We do not have any other charges or fees though these fees vary dependant on the subject and area of interest. You are made aware of the cost upfront and how they are arrived at before you make payments.

Schedule a Session

Access the tutors profile and select “sessions” then choose “scheduling” which will show you the tutor’s available time from which you can select. Then select subject and include a note if necessary about your subject of interest. Under “sessions” tab in your account, you can find the session so scheduled.

Chat with Tutor

Find an tutor you’d like to learn from, request them a session on Join Tutors and learn from them. Messaging is easy and instant.