Welcome to Join Tutors, an online tutoring service ("Service" or "Website") provided by Join Tutors Inc. ("JT Inc."). We highly uphold and respect your right to privacy and we would like to let your know precisely what information we collect about you and how we use that information.

The following privacy policy is meant to help you understand how and when the information you share with Join Tutors is used. All kinds of information about you that Join Tutors collect are covered in this Privacy Policy document.

Please note that Join Tutors may contain some hyperlinks or affiliate links on its site and Apps that may lead to different sites other than Join Tutors’ ones. Some of these sites may also share links of Join tutors or have affiliate links. These external sites with such links may have their own private policies which may be different from those of Join Tutors.

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It is not a requirement to provide us with any of your personal information whenever visiting our websites or downloading our App. The information and content provided on our websites is absolutely free and accessible to the public without any need for registration.

While visiting our site, however, we may offer you a chance to register with us or provide us with your email or contact information for marketing purposes. This is also for free.

Whereas it’s not mandatory to register in order to access out websites and Apps, it is a requirement to create an account by registering if you are interested in using our online tutoring Services. It’s at this juncture that you will be required to provide certain important personal information which may include your names, gender, age, contact and address information, among other details.

Additionally, you may be required to provide your credit card information or any other preferred payment methods before you can start using our Services. This information will also include the address associated of the credit card if you opt for that payment method. Such information is them maintained in our databases to enable easy and quick processing of future transactions. We, however, carry this transaction in accordance with agreed terms and condition and in regard to your credit card issuing institution’s regulations.

Join Tutors, as a way to know you better and customize its promotions and offers to you including surveys, marketing and advertising, may request you to provide extra information during the process of creating an account with us. Such information may include age, education levels, marital status, country of residence etc. Such information will be used to create tailored Services for you and also help in providing enhanced new Services and programs aimed at improving your online learning experience.

Express Data Collection

Join tutors may from time to time collect personal information from you whenever you visit our website regardless of whether you are registered or not. Join tutors will use such personal information in improving its Services. Information that Join Tutors may collect may include type of web browser used, your IP address, your service provider’s domain name, your location etc.

We may also save device identifiers (tiny data files) on your browsing device whenever you access our websites through a PC or a mobile phone. These device identifiers will enable us uniquely identify your mobile device or any device you may be using to access our sites. Once you register with us, we may track your transactions and communications with us, your activities on our sites, pages visited, links used to access our sites, length of time spent on our sites etc.


We may use cookies (technology that stores certain information on your computer) whenever you visit our websites or use our Services or click on any of our website’s hyperlinks. These cookies are stored in your computer to enable us to customize your online experience by using the observed and collected trends associated with you i.e. preferences, interests and likes. These cookies ideally enable you to have easy and faster access to our Services.

Dependant on the type of browser you are using, you may opt to block or enable cookies from your computer. To learn more about this option and the importance of cookies, refer to your browser’s instructions. Even though you may have the option of blocking your browser from using these cookies, we recommend that you allow them for optimal experience while using our Services and accessing our sites. Allowing your browser to accept cookies from our sites, will enable us place the cookies in your computer or any device you may be using. You may also opt to accept certain cookies and block some according to your preferences.

It’s important to note that disabling your website from accepting our cookies may hamper your online experience and may prevent you from accessing certain parts of our websites and Services or some parts of our Services and websites may not function as intended.

Testimonials, Comment & Reviews

Join Tutors being a premium service provider, in its effort to enhance customer satisfaction and improve its Services, it may from time to time post customers testimonials and reviews on our websites. This information may contain private information pertaining to customers.

On accepting and agreeing to our terms and conditions applicable to our Services, you give Join Tutors consent to publish any of you reviews and or testimonials including your name and other information associated to you that may be related and relevant to the information being posted.

Information we receive from our affiliates. Join Tutors may use affiliate networks, social media, and other third party online platforms to reach out to more audience. These third party sites, from which you get directed to our sites, may provide us with your details as registered with them. They may also share the information that you may end up sharing with us that they may to be in possession of. By signing up to use our Services, you give us consent to use any information, apart from credit card information and other payment options that you share with these other networks affiliated to Join Tutors. Such information will be treated under the same privacy terms as other information you may share with us directly.

What we do with your Information

The information Join Tutors collect from you is usually used to improve the Services offered and also help us to know you better. Your information may be shared with our service content providers, affiliates among other entities. We, however, do not share personal information like emails and credit card information.

Any information provided to Join Tutors, is highly safeguarded and protected. We will not rent, share, sell or disclose any of your personal information collected from our sites to any third party unless you allow us to do so.

We will strictly adhere and be guided by our privacy policy which upholds the highest security, privacy and integrity measures in dealing with your personal information.

If there are programs which you may request to participate in, we may then share your information only to the extent you instruct us. This direct consent is mandatory for us to share your information and is usually included in the registration process where you are asked if you may want to receive promotion information and materials from our affiliates.

When accessing our Services and websites from external links and affiliates you will see a notice indicating that your information will be shared with that affiliate and if you don’t want your information shared, you may opt out. However, if you allow your information to be shared, then Join tutors will treat your information as per the provisions of Join Tutors’ Privacy Policy and that of affiliate’s Privacy Policy.

In event of merger or acquisition of Join Tutors by another entity, dissolution, bankruptcy or liquidation, personal information of our customers obtained from our sites or from our Services that we offer, may also be transferred or sold. However, the acquiring, purchaser or acquired company will have to comply with the provisions provided therein this Privacy Policy. To keep you updated with the Services we offer, we may from time to time send information that is relevant to optimal running of our sites and Services to you through email and other modes of communication provided by you on our sites.

You may also be given an option by Join Tutors to join our mailing list and periodically receive our offers, promotions or information about our affiliates. Additionally, we may let you opt to receive emails from third parties associated with us with an option to always opt out whenever you feel like by use of “unsubscribe from” option that will always be included in the mails you receive.

Disclosure to other parties

We collaborate with third parties who provide us with vital Services including credit card authorizing, promotion deliverers, and data analysis among other Services. Join Tutors may be may share your personal information with such parties for its smooth and efficient operations.

Nevertheless, we endeavor to maintain highest levels of confidentiality obligation on such parties. Though we reserve the right to disclose personal information to third parties more so when we are acting in good faith and as per the requirement of the law, we carry sufficient due diligence and ensure that the safety of your information is our number one priority.

Once you quit our Services and close or cancel your account, Join tutors, its affiliate and or service providers, may keep your information for a reasonable period of time for purposes of auditing, processing or archiving.

Online Security

With increase in cyber crimes and theft of personal information, we employ stringent security measures aimed at safeguarding your data. However, with the sophistication and challenges of online security, we cannot guarantee that information contained in our servers is 100% secure. It is also possible that your information may be intercepted while you are sending it to us. We use endeavor to protect the data residing on our servers at all costs. However, no security system is impenetrable; due to this, we therefore cannot with absolute certainty guarantee the security of our servers.

The most sensitive information regarding your credit card and passwords will be protected and processed through our secure, independent third party website. We employ secure-socket-layer (SSL) technology to ensure that the transmitted payment information is secure. To check if you connection is secure, the http. address should change to https. on the address bar in your browser window.

We ask you to help us keep your account and information safe. In order to do that, kindly ensure that your password is strong enough (contains more than 8 characters which must include signs, letters, numbers and other marks). Avoid obvious passwords like date of birth and your name in the password.

Ensure you keep your password safe all the time and that is different from your other accounts’ passwords. We keep your password in our systems in an encrypted form and not even our technology team can access it. We understand the importance of your privacy and we never call our customers and ask them for their accounts passwords. If you get such a call or message, do not comply rather get to us immediately.

Whenever you are done with the sessions or the account, ensure that you log out and avoid “remember password’ on any browser that you use more so in shared computers. You play an important role in keeping your account and ultimately your accounts information secure.

Join Tutors’ Privacy Policy only caters to operations that are related to its Services and sites and related entities. Our Privacy Policy covers only operation matters that are within the control of Join Tutors and within the confines of law and government regulations.


Anybody under the age of 13 years is considered a minor and we do not ask for personal information from them without the express permission of their parents. We adhere to the Child Protection Internet Privacy Act (COPPA. In this regard we assume that anyone whose information we receive is 13 years old or older. We do not accept application from anyone under the age of 13 nor do we collect information from them.

Third Party Advertisers

Join Tutors may from time to time allow other entities to advertise their products and Services directly on our websites or Apps. Such ads may include a link through which you can access the ads’ website thus getting you out of your current site or service. However, Join Tutors does not divulge personal information to such parties without your consent and we would only provide you with such programs and promotions as and when you allow us.

At times without this express consent, if you respond to a specific ad appearing on our websites or Services, the promoter of such ad may assume that you fit right in as an audience they may be targeting. Whenever you agree to follow these third parties’ ads and subsequently even use their Services, ensure you individually check these third parties’ Privacy Policies as Join Tutor’s Privacy Policy does not apply to these partiers.

Links to other Websites/Sservices

We know that for our online operations to work optimally well, we must have links to other networks and vice versa. Our websites may have hyperlinks bearing different domain names other than that of Join Tutors. You must know that some of those addresses will lead you to pages outside of our website and they belong to our service providers, affiliates or other third parties. Such links may lead to the capture of your personal information and even send cookies to your computer. Note that Join Tutors will not be held responsible for the activities of these other parties.

Important information to note is that, at times while providing your personal information to other networks or websites (through chats, instant messages or emails), that information can be intercepted by malicious individuals who may have ill intentions. Though we employ high measure of security to safeguard your information, we cannot assume responsibility of securing the privacy of any information that you may disclose to other websites that are not within our control. Before sharing any information with such websites, be sure to learn about their Privacy Policies. Otherwise whatever you do on such sites will be at your own risk.

Our Internationals Users

Our Services are domiciled in the United States of America. There are also our servers, our hosting company and most of our service partners. Therefore, we are governed by laws and regulations applicable in the United States of America.

Anyone accessing our Services from any other region like the European Union (EU), Africa or Asia must beware that given information will be dealt with in accordance with the laws and regulations governing personal information in the United States of America which may be different from laws in your country or region and by so giving your information, you are agreeing to:-

  • a. Join Tutors’ use of your personal data in accordance to the laws governing such data in the United States of America and in accordance with Join tutor’s Privacy Policy.

Handling/Dealing with Registration Information

Join Tutors’ has no responsibility in updating the submitted information, editing it, deleting or completing it. It is your responsibility to ensure the completeness and relevance of the submitted information.

For further help with updating, editing and deletion of your account or information, get in contact with us through your account’s “Contact us” link or directly mailing us. It’s important to know that by using our Services and websites, you automatically agree to this Privacy Policy and that this Policy may be reviewed and amended from time to time in accordance to government laws and regulations governing online use and other business environments.

Do not use our Website and or Services provided therein if you do not agree with our Privacy Policy. We as Join Tutors, reserve the right to make any changes and amendments to this Privacy Policy and give notice in effect to these changes to our customers in any appropriate channels provided by customers. So it’s important to have your contacts updates regularly so that such changes can be communicated to you in time.

Join Tutors is always dedicated to your information’s privacy and security. With this spirit, we encourage and welcome any comments, inputs, suggestions or questions that you may have regarding this Privacy Policy. If you want to reach us, please contact Join Tutors by sending an email to or, send us your queries from the learning platform through "Contact us" link if you are a student.