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Yen Clarke

Maths, Algebra, Statistics, Business, Economics, Accounting, ESL, French, Chinese, Programming, ACT Prep Test

Bluffton University 2007 - PHD in AP French Language and Culture

Temo Kedisitse

English, Accounting, Finance

A T Still University of Health Sciences 2022 - Bachelors in AP English Language and Composition

Tossha Wilson

Humanities, Business, Accounting

Mount Mary College 2021 - Bachelors in social work

Aaron Radonich

Business, Economics, Accounting

Montana State University Billings 2017 - Bachelors in Business Administration and Accounting

Diep (Jenna) Nguyen

Maths, Accounting, Finance

Idaho State University 2015 - Masters in Accounting, Finance

Megan Walker

Writing, Business, Accounting

Martin University 2020 - Bachelors in Liberal Arts with a Business Administration Minor

David Young

Business, Accounting, Finance

Roosevelt University 2005 - Masters in

Eizabeth Vonau

Business, Accounting, Finance

University of Colorado Denver 2018 - Masters in Business Administration

Amanda Henderlight

Maths, Biology, Accounting

Drexel University 2018 - Bachelors in AP Psychology

Matt Creech

Statistics, Economics, Accounting

Oklahoma State University-Main Campus 2011 - Masters in Accounting

Syeda Ramsha

Maths, Economics, Accounting

Institute of Business Administration 2018 - Bachelors in Accounting and Finance

Amanda Aflalo


University of South Florida-Main Campus 2019 - Bachelors in Accounting

Amber Mitchell

Maths, Algebra, Accounting

Langston University 2020 - Bachelors in

Kelly VanBendegom

Reading, Business, Accounting

Webster University 2009 - Masters in Human Resource Development

Muhammad Chaudhry

Maths, Algebra, Accounting

Rutgers University-Newark 2013 - Masters in Accounting

Cynthia Noto


California State University-Fullerton 1996 - Masters in MBA (Master) and Accounting (Bachelor)

Robert Marquardt

Humanities, , Accounting

University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee 2018 - Bachelors in AP United States Government and Politics

Erika Romero

English, Writing, Accounting

Ashford University 2013 - Bachelors in AP Psychology

Marc Rausch

Maths, Algebra, Accounting

DeVry University-Wisconsin 2004 - Masters in Business Administration

Nick Selfridge

Business, Accounting, Finance

Adams State University 2020 - Bachelors in

Javier Arguello

Economics, Accounting, Spanish

Georgetown University 2016 - Bachelors in Finance

Silvia Bejarano

Writing, Accounting, ESL

DeVry University-Texas 2016 - Bachelors in

Jordan Decuir

Business, Accounting, Finance

Tulane University of Louisiana 2011 - Bachelors in Finance Major; Accounting Minor

Sondra Makkonen

Humanities, Accounting, Finance

Cedar Crest College 2010 - Bachelors in Art Therapy

Michael Auten

Business, Accounting, Finance

Georgia State University 1990 - Bachelors in Business Administration

Michael Auten

Business, Accounting, Finance

Georgia State University 1990 - Bachelors in Business Administration

Spencer Widom

, Business, Accounting

Bentley University 2017 - Bachelors in Management

Amelia Pryce

Business, Accounting, ESL

Walden University 2016 - PHD in Doctor of Business Administration - Information Systems Management

Suzanne Sia

Economics, Accounting, Finance

Saint Peter's University 1994 - Masters in MBA Management Information Systems

Benjamin Seefeld

Business, Economics, Accounting

Edgewood College 2020 - Bachelors in Accounting

Rachel Graham

Humanities, , Accounting

Oklahoma State University-Main Campus 2017 - Bachelors in Secondary Education

Nicolle Rosemark

Chemistry, Biology, Humanities, English, Writing, Reading, , Business, Economics, Accounting, Marketing, Finance

University of Minnesota-Crookston 2011 - Bachelors in Business Management

Samantha Zahorik

Algebra, Business, Accounting

Marquette University 2020 - Bachelors in

Vidoosha Gobin

Maths, English, Accounting

University of Mauritius 2014 - Bachelors in Accounting Minor Finance

Jacqueline Pereira

Accounting, Finance, Spanish

A T Still University of Health Sciences 2020 - Bachelors in AP English Language and Composition

Kayla Williams

Calculus, Statistics, Accounting

University of Southern California 2020 - Masters in

Murel Polee

Business, Accounting

Pepperdine University 2013 - Bachelors in

Eutossha Wilson

Humanities, Reading, Accounting

Mount Mary College 2020 - Bachelors in Social Work

Brian Firth


Weber State University 2016 - Masters in

Susan Wentz

Reading, Business, Accounting

Ohio University-Main Campus 2018 - Masters in MBA with a concentration in Healthcare Administration

Emmanuel Mapfaza

Business, Accounting, Finance

National University of Science and Technology 2014 - Masters in Business Administration

April Abdul mutakabbir

Business, Accounting, Finance

A T Still University of Health Sciences 2019 - Bachelors in AP English Language and Composition

Nikola Vrbanovic

English, Economics, Accounting

Belhaven University 2016 - Masters in

Alexandria Robertson

English, Business, Accounting

Mississippi Valley State University 2013 - Masters in

Rolando Garcia

Accounting, Finance, Spanish

Rutgers University-Newark 1995 - Masters in Finance

Luis A Mendez

Business, Accounting, Spanish

Northeastern University 2012 - Bachelors in Finance/Accounting

Ashley Henricksen

Maths, English, Accounting

Mount Olive College 2019 - Bachelors in

Nima Nayeri

Business, Accounting, Finance

University of Houston 2020 - Bachelors in Finance and Accounting

Merjen Ishankulyyeva

Business, Accounting, Finance

Southern Methodist University 2018 - Bachelors in

Bruce Ragle

English, , Accounting

Indiana University-Purdue University-Indianapolis 1990 - Bachelors in General Studies and Social Science

Shoshana Sequira

Algebra, Business, Accounting

University of Technology, Jamaica 2005 - Bachelors in Food Service Management

Accounting, Finance

VCE - Bachelors in AP Physics C : Electricity and Magnetism