Posted on Mar 10, 2017


Join Tutors is your only true, trusted and dedicated online tutoring and homework help partner. We take pride in the diversity of the services we offer and the technology we employ in delivering our services. Our students come from all walks of life not to mention our rich team of professionals drawn from various areas of professions. Additionally, we have language tutors who are native speakers of such languages making the students learn from the best language instructors. We endeavor to make your live tutoring experience rich by providing a diverse and large pool of subjects you can choose from with option of choosing your preferred tutor and scheduling your sessions.

Ours is a culture of discipline and excellent services which has made our online tutoring services among the best in the world. We only engage the best tutors for our students. We ensure that tutors undergo a thorough recruitment process where there academic and professional qualifications and experience in various fields are scrutinized. Afterwards they undergo training on effective delivery of online sessions through our platforms before they can have their profiles go live on our site.

Whenever you sign up for our services and select your subjects of interest, you can have the confidence that the available tutors in your area of interest are qualified and up to the task. We ensure that our tutors conduct their business within our stringent and internationally accepted business code of conduct. We ensure that the engagement between the students and tutors is purely professional and all communications are carried through our platforms or through our customer support team.

We have highly qualified and experienced team of tutors that are suited to fit and adapt to your level of knowledge. So no matter what your level may be, our tutors are up to task and can adapt to your level and still deliver exemplary sessions. They would breakdown the concepts and issue contained in any subject to fit right into your level. Be confident of getting your referred online tutor from Join Tutors according to your interest and level. Remember that we provide room for errors as we understand your choice of tutor may not be well informed when you sign up thus we can allow you to change your tutor whenever you feel it is mandatory.