Posted on May 25, 2017


Online tutoring is a wonderful convenience and educative service to many people. You don’t need to be tech savvy to access Join Tutors’ services as our programs run on bare minimum system requirements and you can access our services from many devices like PC, laptops and mobile gadgets. Whatever device you use, we promise same great and consistent quality services.

Join Tutors provides you with ability to record sessions and review them later. With such an opportunity you are guaranteed to continue learning long after the sessions are over. Better still, you can check your mistakes and try to work on them as well as try to understand your tutor’s inputs. Our platform also advances you the ability to access our services from any corner of the world. Be it you are travelling and need to access your sessions, be it you are out of country for business or visiting a foreign country whose language you may not be familiar with, you can easily reach our tutors for a quick session that may prove very useful.

We are flexible and very fair in our pricing. We also ensure that you only get billed on the interactive live sessions you have with your tutor. Right from your sign up and selection of subject and tutor, you get to know your estimated costs. With such info, you are then able to discuss with your tutor and or with our customer support team who would provide clarification where necessary.

Ours is a service that is compatible with many digital devices including smart phones, laptops, PCs, tablets etc. Join Tutors is developed and designed to offer an exciting and user friendly user interface. Its sites load up very fast, have attractive graphics, clear and precise action steps and direction and come with same uniform quality regardless of the device being used. In situations where technical itches may arise either with the transmission of video and or sound, our customer support and technical team will help you immediately. At join tutors we offer high quality online tutoring services delivered by professionals through the best technology in the market.