Posted on Feb 21, 2017


We wouldn’t have made it this far and big as an online tutoring company had it not been for our esteemed customers who have helped us create a wonderful and extensive network of students and tutors. Join Tutors believes in making online live tutoring an experience that is enjoyable, educative and lively for both tutors and students. We assure the highest degree of professionalism from our tutors, great and user friendly platforms (virtual classrooms), 24/7 customer support, homework and urgent help with assignment and fairly priced programs that would fit your budget at the same time provide great value for your money.

We have a 24 /7 dedicated customer support team that is always at your service whenever you call on us. So drop your homework at any time of day or night and you would rest easy knowing that your work will be worked on and delivered on time. Just like the stress placed on customer care in brick and mortar businesses setups, we translate the same standards and incorporate them in our round the clock online customer support operations.

Our customer support team not only helps with your queries and concerns but provides an important link between you and your tutor whenever there is communication problem or whenever you want to access specific tutor for specific help or follow-up. Any problem encountered in signing up, selecting a tutor and subjects, disputes and resolutions and issues to do with payments, Join Tutors is the only online tutoring firm that has a dedicated team in customer care that wouldn't refer you to any other personnel but help you on the spot and within the shortest time possible.

At Join Tutors, we understand that our customers are king and we treat you with the utmost respect and humility. Because you are dear to us, Join Tutors won't treat you as a mere customer but will seek to form a lasting and mutual partnership with you. We believe through such a partnership we can be able to develop products and services that would satisfactory meet your needs. Such partnerships also give us opportunity to learn from your experiences and incorporate your thoughtful inputs into our programs.

We welcome feedback, comments, criticism and any views from our customers that would help us deliver exemplary online tutoring services. Such feedback and views help us connect and engage our students and tutors in interesting and insightful discussions which prove beneficial to us, our students and tutors alike.