Posted on Jul 11, 2017


Online tutors USA is always in search of new private tutors to join its growing online tutoring programs. The numbers of new tutors is necessitated by the fact that the numbers of subjects and areas of interest being offered through online platforms are ever increasing and to meet the needs of various customers, the number of online tutors has to be increased. Of course there are other tutors who have to leave the program for various reasons hence leaving a vacancy that must be filled, a burgeoning number of students and higher than usual needs for specific cadre of tutors by the students which make the need to have a larger pool of professionals join the team necessary.

Of course with new birds come high chances of mistakes being made. And the most common mistakes these new entrants make include:-

Timing of sessions and availability of the tutor  

New tutors join the program with high enthusiasm and anxiety which of course is usually expected from new employees. Such energies can sometimes be misplaced leading to making wrong sessions’ timings and promising availability that may not be tenable.

It takes great discipline to be on time and available for sessions as scheduled. The greed of wanting to take all available opportunities is usually discouraged by online tutors USA in efforts to ensure professionalism in delivery and presenting equal opportunities to all tutors.

Communication and etiquette

New private tutors have also a disadvantage in adapting to required professional communications and language mannerism. They may use bad gestures and body language, shout, scream, scold, call students names and even use obscene language which isn’t allowed. New tutors may find it hard to adapt to these specific requirements as different students may require different approaches in interpersonal language and communication modes that would ultimately affect the live session’s delivery. Online tutors USA require the highest professionalism in every aspect from the tutors. Appropriate communication and etiquette is very important in effective delivery of sessions, tutors-tutor relationships and tutor-student relationship too and must be observed and maintained.

Unfamiliarity with the systems

Online tutors USA uses the best systems that offer great live sessions. New private tutors may find the system a bit complicated and may make few mistakes here and there during their initial sessions like cutting off video and audio outputs, forgetting sign in passwords etc. Since learning about the system is a continuous exercise and there are new improvements made to the systems every now and then, the tutors are briefed of any changes and allowed to practice and know how to maneuver their way around. New tutors can be assigned a technician or a helper to guide them during their premier sessions.


It’s the policy of online tutors USA that all relationships maintained between the tutor and students be kept as professional as possible. That’s why the language and communication manners must be professional and be conducted through appropriate and approved channels only to avoid any conflicts. Any other personal relationships or interests must be avoided by all means. Newly enlisted private tutors may allow their feeling and emotions overshadow their professional duty to the students but with continuous training, reprimand and adherence to the established code of conduct, many find it necessary to maintain their relationships as professional as possible. 

Adaptation to students abilities and issuance of learning materials

New tutors may make mistake of delivering sessions and providing materials that may not be useful or comprehensible to the students. This usually occurs due to lack of due diligence and keen observation of the strengths and weaknesses of the students. With such observation, the tutor can be able to adapt to the level of the students and break down the taught concepts for easy understanding whilst providing relevant and easy to understand materials.

Fear and overcompensation

Excitement and anxiety may make tutors over compensate and unable to pan their sessions appropriately. Also, with online tutor homework help, new tutors may do students’ homework instead of helping and guiding students to do it. This may not be helpful to students. To avoid such mistakes, training of the tutors and explaining what is expected of them in regard to sessions’ delivery and online tutor homework help is usually very helpful.